14 December 2015 г.
  • Industrial biotechnology;
  • Electrochemical and thermoelectric technologies in energy;
  • Intelligent technologies in robotic and mechatronic systems;
  • Risk reduction and reduction and mitigation of disasters of natural and technogenic origin;
  • Restorative, adaptive and regenerative medicine;
02 December 2015 г.
The UFS Media Office: Chemistry Department expands its international footprint

Prof André Roodt from the Department of Chemistry at the University of the Free State has returned from a research visit at the St Petersburg State University in Russia. The research he conducted at the St Petersburg State University is part of a bilateral collaboration agreement between the University of the Free State and St Petersburg State University.

13 November 2015 г.

Source: Adjacent Digital Politics Ltd. 

The Russian Science Foundation (RSF) was launched in November 2013; its operation is governed by a special federal law. Incorporated as a foundation, RSF proves a more flexible and effective funding tool in comparison with other institutions that finance science in Russia.

09 November 2015 г.

This call is based on the principle of "two keys" - both sides have an equal right in determining the winners. 

The grants will be provided to implement the basic and exploratory research in 2016 – 2018 in 9 branches of knowledge. 

The research grant of the RSF will amount from 4 to 6 million rubles annually. 

The condition of funding from RSF is the obligation of the research team to make the results of their research public. 

28 October 2015 г.

On October 26 the Russian Science Foundation (RSF) hosted the delegation of the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF), headed by the Ambassador, Head of the International Department of the State Secretariat for Education,
Research and Innovation, Switzerland (SERI) Mauro Moruzzi. During the meeting two foundations discussed the issues of strengthening bileteral cooperation and explored the possibilities to implement joint projects. In particular, the RSF and the SNSF are considering the the launch of the joint call of Russian-Swiss research projects for 2017-2019.

25 September 2015 г.
RSF and the Ministry of Science and Technology of Taiwan signed a cooperation agreement
The agreement provides legal framework for future joint calls of proposals in different fields of fundamental and exploratory research.