09 February 2018 г.

A joint team of scientists from Russia and the United States designed a method for marking dividing stem cells with three different labels. Until now, it was only possible to use two labels simultaneously. The new method will increase the accuracy and speed of stem cell division analysis and reveal new populations of stem cells.

24 January 2018 г.

PSU scholars have systematized information about ethnic autonomies from all the continents: a large-scale map, a database of 150 variables and descriptions of each territory.
The Atlas covers all ethnic regional autonomies existing in the modern world, as well as those disassembled ones from the recent past. In Russia, according to the atlas, there are 32 republics, autonomous areas or regions. Six of them no longer exist on the contemporary map of Russia.

24 January 2018 г.

Several teams of SAU EcoOil won Russian Science Foundation grants. One of them was the High-Performance Distributed Systems Lab which presented its project “Mathematical modelling of multiphase multicomponent non-isothermal filtration in deformable porous medium”.

24 January 2018 г.

The Center for Stem Cells Technologies was opened at the Institute of Cytology of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Its construction began two years ago with the given grant from the Russian Science Foundation. This is one of the first laboratories in Russia that will work in accordance with the requirements of the new law on biomedical cells products and create products according to GMP standards.

23 January 2018 г.

Call Opening: 23 January 2018

Deadline for Applications: 15 March 2018 (individual grants)/ 22 March 2018 (small team leaders)

Project Duration: 2 (individual grants)/ 3+2 (small team leaders) years

Subject Areas: all fields of fundamental research

Max grant size: 1.5 million rubles (individual grants)/ 5 million rubles (small team leaders) yearly

Conditional relocation/mobility bonus (individual grants): 500 000 rubles.


18 December 2017 г.

The second RSF-DFG joint call for proposals was launched in September 2016 and attracted almost 60 proposals in life sciences and social sciences and humanities. The selection of winners was based on the results of the peer-review that was organized by both funders independently. The size of one grant from the RSF will amount 4 to 6 million rubles annually. Projects are designed for 3 years and will start as early as in January 2018.

More detailed information about this call and the list of winners are available in the "Calls for proposals" menu section.