15 December 2017 г.

The call attracted more than 30 proposals representing all 9 research areas in the RSF classifier. The selection of winners was based on the results of the peer-review that was organized by both funders independently. The size of one grant from the RSF will amount 4 to 6 million rubles annually. Projects are designed for 3 years and will start as early as in January 2018.

More detailed information about this call and the list of winners are available in the "Calls for proposals" menu section.

11 December 2017 г.

Russian Science Foundation and the Ministry of Science and Technology, Taiwan (MOST) have committed to award 5 grants to five collaborative research projects.

30 November 2017 г.

Russian Science Foundation was invited by the German embassy to participate in the internatinal symposium organized by the German Embassy in Moscow jointly with the Helmholtz Centre
Potsdam GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences on 26 November 2017, providing young sciensists with the first hand-information on career and funding opportunities for research in

30 November 2017 г.
Russian Researchers Find Way to Combat Resistance to Antibiotics in Diseases

Other states are also researching ways to combat antibiotic resistance, but they have not been able to yield any positive results yet, according to a Russian scientist.

Researchers from Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University have proposed blocking bacterial antibiotic resistance by using small proteins called peptide inhibits (blocking agents).

13 November 2017 г.
Additive Manufacturing of Titanium Aircraft Parts

An additive manufacturing technology that uses direct metal laser sintering enables the printing of titanium aircraft parts with a modified surface layer. 

13 November 2017 г.
Modeling coulomb crystals to understand star evolution

Matter in the cores of old white dwarfs and the crusts of neutron stars is compressed to unimaginable densities by intense gravitational forces. The scientific community believes this matter is composed of Coulomb crystals that form at temperatures potentially as high as 100 million Kelvin.