07 July 2017 г.

This call for proposals was conducted jointly with the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan (MAFF/AFFRCS) for the first time. The scientists in all research fields by the RSF classifier could submit their proposals targeting the solutions of 5 research problems that had been agreed with the Japanese funding partner.

23 June 2017 г.

A number of meetings and negotiations between the Russian Science Foundation and the delegation of the German Research Foundations (DFG) led by the DFG President Peter Strohschneider were hold on June 22-23 in Moscow.

Alexander Khlunov highly appreciated the results of the first joint initiatives: "Together with our partners, we already supported 14 projects within the first call for proposals, focused on math and physics. There are on-going competitve selection procedures under the second joint call to support projects in life sciences, social sciences and humanities."

20 June 2017 г.

On the 20th of June the RSF Director General Alexander Khlunov met with the Indian delegation headed by the Secretary to the Government of India, Department of Science and Technology, Ashutosh Sharma.

23 May 2017 г.

The event was chaired by the head of the RSF Office of Programs and Projects, Andrey Blinov and by the head of the audit department, chief auditor of NRF, Mr. Shim Soon.

01 March 2017 г.

Russian Science Foundation invites proposals from international research teams. The competition is organized jointly with the Ministry of Science and Technology, Taiwan (MOST).

Two funders launch joint call for the second time.

01 February 2017 г.

The call for proposals is launched jointly with the Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Research Council Secretariat of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan (MAFF / AFFRCS).
This call for proposals seeks to support basic and exploratory research projects in the following fields of knowledge: