21 June 2016 г.

This means the success rate of 11%.

08 April 2016 г.

According to the results of peer-review 587 projects from 41 regions of Russia will get funding from the Foundation. This is the second RSF call tailored to support individual research teams, however it has not become less popular. More than 3,500 research teams across the country submitted their proposals.

Under the call rules RSF will promote engagement of the young scientists since at least half of each team should consist of researchers aged below 39.

08 April 2016 г.

The research proposals should adress a number of key issues identified such as language policy in Russia, the Russian language as a core element of the Russian identity, the interaction of the Russian language with other languages, etc.

The Foundation has received over 100 proposals. According to the results of the peer-review 15 projects from 7 regions of Russia will be funded.

Each grant will amount from 3 to 5 million rubles annually. These projects will be carried out until 2018.

08 April 2016 г.

Russian Science Foundation has approved the results of the peer-review of the applications submitted by Russian research teams under the call of proposals anounced in 2015 for conducting research in 2016-2018 by international research groups (call of proposals coordinated with the Department of Science and Technology, Ministry of Science and Technology of the Republic of India - DST).

According to the requirements of the call, the necessary prerequisite for RSF funding it is the funding decision by DST to support the Indian research team.

25 January 2016 г.

During this visit on January 21-22 the first talks between the Russian Science Foundation and Japan Agency for Medical Research and Development (AMED) were hold on the prospects for cooperation in the field of medicine and life sciences.

21 December 2015 г.
The RSF delegation held working meetings in Vienna
The RSF delegation had meetings with organizations that make a major contribution to the development of science in Austria.