13 November 2017 г.
Additive Manufacturing of Titanium Aircraft Parts

An additive manufacturing technology that uses direct metal laser sintering enables the printing of titanium aircraft parts with a modified surface layer. 

13 November 2017 г.
Modeling coulomb crystals to understand star evolution

Matter in the cores of old white dwarfs and the crusts of neutron stars is compressed to unimaginable densities by intense gravitational forces. The scientific community believes this matter is composed of Coulomb crystals that form at temperatures potentially as high as 100 million Kelvin.

15 September 2017 г.

Collaborations of research teams from both countries are invited to submit joint proposals.

All proposals will be reviewed by both organisations separately. The results of the review process will be shared between the agencies. Support will be granted for those proposals where both DFG and RSF recommend funding. 

11 September 2017 г.
According to the terms of the call, the research should be targeted on solving specific problems within the priority areas of "Biomedicine" and "Bi Data".
The Russian and German parties conducted external review of the proposals submitted independently.
04 September 2017 г.

Earlier this year an ambitious Presidential research funding program was announced in Russia. Around $10 billion in additional budget are expected to be made available through 2017-2023 to the Russian Science Foundation (RSF), which will distribute these supplementary funds to support cutting-edge research projects implemented by outstanding early-career researchers and to create new world-class laboratories with industrial co-funding.

04 September 2017 г.
The share of Russian publications in the top journals in geosciences - Geology and Earth and Planetary Science Letters - remains stable at about 2%. The same situation is seen in the physical journal Physical Review Letters with the Russian publications contribution of appx. 6.5%.