04 September 2017 г.
Further collaboration between RSF and AMED was discussed between both parties.
01 September 2017 г.
The first joint call with Helmholtz Association was announced in December 2016. The thematic priority areas of that call were Big Data and Biomedicine.
16 August 2017 г.

With the appointment of a new science minister, Koreans expect their country to march into the fourth industrial revolution, characterized by a fusion of cutting-edge technologies, with the big hope that they can innovate their way out of an emerging economic crisis — and win a Nobel prize in the process.

02 August 2017 г.

Researchers from MIPT and the University of Bonn (Germany) have shown that heart tissues of different origins can contract in sync. In a series of experiments, they first merged two rat tissues of different ages and then combined rat and mouse tissue. Excitation waves were transmitted successfully from one tissue to another, which theoretically means that artificially grown heart patches can fit in with excitable cardiac tissues. The paper was published in Biomaterials Science.

02 August 2017 г.

Gamma-ray bursts are among the most energetic and explosive events in the universe. They are also short-lived, lasting from a few milliseconds to about a minute. This has made it tough for astronomers to observe a gamma-ray burst in detail.

13 July 2017 г.

Based on the feedback from the research community and the results of the public discussion during the RSF Expert Council meeting this June, RSF announced the steps to improve its review processes.