25 September 2015 г.
RSF and the Ministry of Science and Technology of Taiwan signed a cooperation agreement
The agreement provides legal framework for future joint calls of proposals in different fields of fundamental and exploratory research.
24 September 2015 г.

The Russian Science Foundation launches the competition designed to support international research teams. The competition is run jointly with India's Department of Science and Technology (DST).

The grants will be awarded to basic and applied research projects in 8 branches of science: mathematics; computer ans systems sciences; physics and space sciences; chemistry and materials science; biology and life sciences; basic medical research; agricultural sciences; Earth sciences; engineering sciences.

08 July 2015 г.
RSF attended the BRICKS Group of S&T Funding Parties meeting
Russian Science Foundation participated in the first meeting of the representatives of the agencies from BRICS countries responsible for funding research and development.
18 June 2015 г.
RSF and DFG will support joint research teams under the terms of open public competition for grants
Public competition for a joint research in mathematics and physics has been announced.
13 May 2015 г.
The Russian Science Foundation and India’s Ministry of Science and Technology to launch a joint competition

On the occasion of the official visit of India’s President Shri Pranab Mukherjee to Russia, Moscow State University hosted a roundtable meeting for rectors/presidents of the two countries’ leading universities on 8 May 2015 to discuss the prospects of cooperation between the higher education institutions. A number of cooperation agreements were signed at the event, including one about creation of the first Association (Network) of Russian and Indian Universities.