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Project Number22-28-20430

Project titleClimate Challenges and Development of Sustainable Value Chains in Northern Europe: Opportunities and Competitiveness of Firms in Northwest Russia

Project LeadPanibratov Andrei

AffiliationFederal State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Education "Saint-Petersburg State University",

Implementation period 2022 - 2023 

Research area 08 - HUMANITIES AND SOCIAL SCIENCES, 08-158 - Social aspects of economics and labour market

Keywordsenvironmental sustainability, environmental regulation, renewable energy, green partnership, global value chains (GVC), Saint Petersburg, Russia, Northern Europe, internationalization, international business, companies



This research project examines such a rapidly growing field of research as global value chains (GVC) by analyzing the conceptual foundations and research already conducted in the field of GVC. Given the complexity of the phenomena associated with GVC and the resulting diverse nature of published research, a conceptual framework is needed that will help to classify and analyze these studies. During the project, we develop a practical design of the study, including criteria for selecting representative examples, an interview guide, and a data analysis structure based on a literature review, and select examples of green partnership in Northern Europe and North-West Russia. Based on the conceptual foundations of GVC, we conduct a review grounded on a comparative institutional perspective that covers the most critical issues of GVC management at the micro and macro levels using the example of companies from St. Petersburg and Northern Europe. The scientific novelty of our project is to focus on the opportunities for improving the state of the environment available to Russian firms in the context of the international climate agenda, with a particular focus on the regulatory and institutional environment in the Nordic countries. We rely on the literature on international business, particularly on the concept of "green", or sustainable GVC and strategic green partnerships, which will be studied concerning the modernization strategies of firms.

Expected results
We will disseminate the results obtained during the research both among the academic community and a broad audience. For the academic community, we intend to: Firstly, to present a report at one conference of the Graduate School of Management (St. Petersburg State University) – "Emerging Markets" (EMC) 2022, which has become a unique platform for dialogue between more than 2,000 leading scientists and practitioners from around the world, as well as one report at an international scientific and practical conference. Post the program and the primary materials of the events on the Internet; Secondly, to publish two scientific articles with the key research results and the implications of the environmental agenda for policy in journals indexed in the Web of Science Core Collection or the Scopus database; Thirdly, to publish one conceptual article aimed at developing theoretical and methodological foundations for the study of "green" partnerships in the context of GVC in the North-West of Russia and the Northern Europe region, in one journal indexed in the Web of Science Core Collection or the Scopus database. When publishing the results of each of these scientific works carried out within the framework of a project supported by the Russian Science Foundation, we will indicate the receipt of financial support from the Foundation. For a broad audience, including experts, the business community, politicians, and students, we intend to: Firstly, to organize one international round table in an online format. The round table aims to discuss our preliminary results, obtain expert opinions, and encourage further discussion between policymakers, scientists, and business representatives about the role of green partnerships in global value chains (GVC) today. We plan to attract 50-70 online participants from different countries. The round table will be recorded on video and available on YouTube and the website of St. Petersburg State University (St. Petersburg State University); Secondly, to organize one research seminar for postgraduates and undergraduates, and academics from relevant fields of knowledge to present the results of our research and involve students in the discussion. The discussion of business cases will be organized in an interactive format. The research seminar will be held at GSOM SPbU. Thirdly, to develop educational materials, including case studies for undergraduates, undergraduates, and postgraduates in international business, sustainable management, and other programs. Our long-term goals include one publication in a journal evaluated by the Chartered Association of Business Schools and further development of the research program with the help of international consortia.