16 февраля, 2021 14:05

RSF approves funding for new 42 laboratories

Источник: RSF Press Office
RSF announces the results of the Presidential research funding program to support world-class laboratories and research projects based on existing research infrastructure as well as the results of competitive selection for the extension of projects of world-class laboratories, which started in 2017.
Credit: Depositphotos

In 2020, the implementation of four-year laboratory projects supported by the RSF was completed. The terms of grant agreements provided for the competitive extension of the implementation of these projects for up to three years. 15 applications for extension were submitted, 12 of them were awarded extension according to the results of the review.

Through the competitive selection, RSF also approved funding for 42 new four-year laboratory projects in all research fields with possibility to extend these projects for additional three years. Grants were allocated for the implementation of these projects in 2021-2024, the results of research should contribute to the economy and social sphere of Russia. A unique feature of this funding program is the mandatory co-funding by industrial partners. The size of one RSF grant will not exceed 30 million rubles in 2021, 28 million rubles in 2022, 26 million rubles in 2023, and 24 million rubles in 2024.

As to the research projects based on existing research infrastructure, 149 projects were awarded. Grants were allocated for the implementation of projects based on the existing world-class research infrastructure in 2021-2024. During the implementation of these projects, large research infrastructure facilities located on the territory of the Russian Federation will be used. The size of one grant will be from 4 to 6 million rubles annually. The competition provides for the possibility of extending projects for a period of three years.

All approved research projects are presented on the RSF website and can be found here.

The Russian Science Foundation extends its best wishes for a successful outcome of all investigators and participants of the projects supported!

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