17 Октября, 2019 16:11

Kazan University and French National Research Agency to work on gas diffusion

Источник: Kazan Federal University
This particular project is called 'Magnetic resonance study of gas diffusion in nanoporous materials: the effect of gas-wall interactions.' Department of Magnetic Resonance and Quantum Electronics (KFU) and Laboratoire Kastler Brossel (Ecole Normale Superieure) are going to cooperate on this. Both labs have had a history of successful collaborations.
Source: Kazan Federal University

Head of the Department of Magnetic Resonance and Quantum Electronics Murat Tagirov comments, 'Understanding the processes of liquid and gas diffusion in nanoporous and mesoporous media is important from both a fundamental and a practical standpoint. Nuclear magnetic resonance is widely used to measure such diffusion and obtain data about the structure of porous spaces.'

In particular, such research is very beneficial for the petroleum industry. According to Dr. Tagirov, for a first time ever in the world diffusion in nanoporous media will be studied in a wide range of temperatures and other experimental conditions.

The main objective is to study gas diffusion under significant influence of the adsorption potential of the walls of porous media and nano-restrictions on gas dynamics. Diffusions of helium-3 and xenon-129 in some nanostructures will be researched.

The grant is financed by the Russian Science Foundation.

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