2 июля, 2019 11:54

RSF and Helmholtz Association to fund 6 new joint projects

Источник: RSF Press Office
Based on the results of the independent scientific review by the Russian and international peer-reviewers, Russian Science Foundation (RSF) and Helmholtz Association announce 6 winners of the second joint call focused around Materials and Emerging Technologies and Structure and Dynamics of Matter).
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Russian research teams representing these international collaborative projects will receive RSF grants for 3-years period in amount of up to 6 million rubles yearly per project; German teams will be funded by Helmholtz Association on the parity terms.

With due consideration of the results of the joint calls launched previously, the total number of research projects jointly funded by the partners in 2019 will increase by 50%, from 12 in 2018 to 18.

"Today we release the results of another joint call with our German partners from the Helmholtz Association. In last three years, we funded in total 18 projects so currently more than 200 scientists from Russia and Germany are working together to achieve common research goals in the frontiers of science. The first results of that work were presented to the public earlier this May in Sochi at the international conference "Science of the Future - Science of the Youth". We are ready to develop this practice together with our German partners in the future. We also started the negotiations about a new wave of joint funding initiatives", commented the status of RSF-Helmholtz cooperation Sergey Konovalov, RSF international coordinator.

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