5 December, 2022 14:24

RSF inspires young researchers

On 1-3 December 2022, the RSF organized special sessions for young researchers at the Congress of Young Scientists at the Sirius Science and Art Park in Sochi. The Congress that opened with the Russian President Putin meeting with young scientists attracted some 3,000 participants from about 40 countries.
Credit: RSF Press Office

RSF provides funding opportunities in a wide range of research areas for scientists of all career stages. However, the sessions in Sochi were particularly focused on young researchers agenda.

The RSF Director General Alexander Khlunov spoke about the key challenges the Foundation is facing today, and also announced a new type of funding focused on critical technology development.

Andrei Blinov, RSF Deputy General Director, discussed with the participants scientometrics, qualitative and quantitative assessment of projects, review of applications and scientific reports, the improvements in information and analytical system of the Foundation, and their feedback on the implementation of the RSF-funded research projects.

In addition, the Congress participants were able to attend lectures by the members of the RSF expert councils. Director of the Federal Research Center for Animal Husbandry Natalia Zinovieva presented how the study of the genome helps to preserve domestic breeds of farm animals. Alexander Veraksa from Moscow State University spoke about modern research on childhood and the All-Russian project “Growing Up Together”. Dmitri Shtansky from MISiS university introduced new approaches to combat bacterial and fungal infections using the example of his laboratory research. The future in chemistry was discussed by Yulia Gorbunova from Kurnakov Institute of General and Inorganic Chemistry, RAS.

The RSF Chairs of the expert councils, Alexander Klimenko, Alexander Makarov and Mikhail Poghosyan discussed the main principles when evaluating research projects.

Finally, there was a pitch session for young scientists. The leaders of 12 projects, selected by the Foundation's expert councils, presented to their fellow researchers and media representatives the results of their projects.

The RSF-led sessions in Sochi were attended by over 300 guests from science and academia, politics, industry, the media and the public.

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