5 April, 2019 10:57

Andrei Blinov took part in the conference “Merck Science Dialogue”

On April 2, over 200 representatives of state authorities, biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, university and academic circles from Russia and Germany gathered at the conference organized by Merck within the framework of the Russian-German Year of Educational and Scientific Partnerships and dedicated to the 350th anniversary of the company and the 120th anniversary of the launch of Merck's business in Russia.
Source: Sergey Konovalov

In the plenary part, the participants were welcomed by the First Deputy Minister of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation Grigory Trubnikov, Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany in the Russian Federation Mr. Rüdiger von Fritsch and Chairman of the Board of Partners of Merck Mr. Johannes Baillou.

In the scientific part of the conference, 2013 Chemistry Nobel Prize laureate, Professor Arieh Warshel gave a presentation on the issues of multiscale models of complex chemical systems. He was followed by Igor Tetko from Helmholtz Munich Center (HMGU, Germany), who is RSF grant participant and one of our honorary international reviewers, speaking about big data, artificial intelligence and chemoinformatics as the drivers for innovation in drug discovery.

Special round table focused on digital technologies in medicine, research cooperation and topical issues of immuno-oncology, featured speakers including Andrei Blinov, RSF Deputy Director General , Alexander Fedenko, Director of Tumor Drug Treatment Department, Herzen Moscow Oncological Reserach Institute of the RF Ministry of Health, and director of the Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry of the Russian Academy of Sciences, RSF grant recipient Alexander Gabibov.

Responding to the moderator's question about the current trends in Russian science, Andrei Blinov noted that lately there have appeared teams in Russia that work in accordance with recognized international practices in terms of writing their applications, formulating research tasks and drawing up research plans. 

“To a large extent, the formation of these teams was due to the attraction of new competencies, including through international cooperation. I am pleased to see that three speakers tonight are the reviewers or grantees of Russian Science Foundation, - the RSF speaker highlighted.

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