21 December, 2022 12:15

New RSF mandate to focus on tech and partnerships

According to the most recent legislation changes, the Russian Science Foundation will develop new funding programs in applied research, which aim toward the advancement of technological capabilities across the Russian Federation.
Alexander Khlunov. Credit: Copyright 2021 TASS, all rights reserved
Alexander Khlunov, RSF Director General, said at a TASS press-conference Tuesday the new
use-inspired programs will work on new technologies that would address critical societal and
economic challenges faced by Russian citizens.
“I would like to draw your attention that a developer can have an active RSF grant in the
field of basic research and apply for a new funding in applied research without any
restrictions, we do not limit the participants in competitive selection," said RSF Director
General Alexander Khlunov. “In terms of funding, these are two parallel programs in the
Russian Science Foundation portfolio. Additional funds will be allocated for these applied
research activities, after these legislative changes in place we have a legal basis for a
substantive dialogue with the ministries. In fact, the funding for basic research will
increase by a third and will amount to more than 40 billion rubles in 2023”.
The amendments to the Federal Law on the Russian Science Foundation initiated by Russian
President Vladimir Putin will provide for measures to advance in the frontiers of emerging
industries, such as microelectronics, medicine, genetic resources, agriculture, low-carbon energy,
and lab equipment.
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