20 February, 2024 15:40

RSF authorized funding of 22.1 billion RUB in 2024

Russian Science Foundation completed review of interim scientific reports submitted by the project investigators and approved 2024 funding for more than 4 500 research projects, including those funded under the framework of Presidential research funding program.
Credit: RSF Press Office

In accordance with the grant agreements, the grant recipients submitted to the Foundation scientific and financial reports on the progress of their projects. The reporting materials were reviewed by external referees and were discussed by the relevant scientific panels of three RSF Expert Councils.

As a result of the review, 10 projects were recommended for termination due to their poor scientific progress. The RSF Expert Councils also assessed final scientific reports for 428 projects, generally noting their success. The total amount of funding for projects continued in 2024 amounts to 22.1 billion rubles. However, 7 projects were recognized unsatisfactory. The principle investigators of these projects are subject to restrictions on participation in the RSF calls in the next 3 years.

The research results of the grant holders can be found by the "Project Finder" tool.

The Russian Science Foundation extends its best wishes for a successful outcome of all investigators and participants of the projects supported!

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