1 November, 2019 17:31

RSF delegation took part in Global Science and Technology Leaders Forum

On October 29, a delegation of the Russian Science Foundation had a working meeting at the Ministry of Science and Technology of Taiwan (MOST). In the course of the negotiations, the parties discussed the results of the joint research projects and agreed to advance their cooperation.
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“11 projects funded as a result of the two joint calls may not look a lot to someone. It is important that during the implementation of these projects dealing with absolutely all areas of science, including social sciences and agriculture, about 200 researchers from Russia and Taiwan, with their diverse cultural backgrounds, representing a variety of scientific traditions and schools, reflect together on solving grand research problems, based on the synergies of their knowledge and competencies,” commented the RSF Deputy Director General, Head of the Programs and Projects Andrei Blinov. “Six research projects have already been successfully completed. According to the canons of traditional Chinese thinking, the ending is always the beginning. We look forward to continuing our trustful cooperation with partners from Taiwan.”

The RSF delegation took part in the international conference 2019 Global Science and Technology Leaders Forum, organized by MOST from October 30 to November 1 in Taipei. As many as 400 distinguished guests, including presidents and delegates of Taiwan’s leading academic and research institutions (Academia Sinica and NARLabs), universities, foreign representatives to Taiwan and industry leaders of prominent corporations have joined the conference.

In the past century, the technological evolution has continued to create various impacts over mankind. When it comes to solving the world challenges, scientists and researchers believe that the technological advancement needs to be aspired by humanities. With that said, the main objectives of this Forum are twofold: welcoming the next chapter of global partnerships, and building a stronger science community to combat world challenges.

In the framework of the panel session “Grand Challenges & Strategies in Science & Technology Development”, on the opening day of the conference, a presentation from the RSF was made on the topic of Enhancing Research Excellence and Leadership in Russia.

In addition to the RSF guests, the conference was attended by the reputable scientists, leaders of the research-funding organizations, long-term partners of Taiwan from abroad, including Secretary General, National Research Council of Canada (NRC) Dr. Roger Scott-Douglas, Chief Scientist, Ministry of Science and Technology of Israel Prof. Alexander Bligh, President and CEO, French National Research Agency (ANR) Thierry Damerval, CEO of the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research (SSF) Prof. Lars Hultman, Vice President of the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) Ms. Yoshiko Shirokizawa, President of the Czech Science Foundation (GAČR) Dr. Alice Valkárová and others. The main focus has been on exchanging views and experiences about the role of science in different countries, forms of support for advanced frontier research and on building national priorities for further advancement of research.

While in Taipei, RSF delegation also visited National Cancer Center of Taiwan University, Hsinchu Science Park and the National Space Organization (NSPO).

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