6 December, 2019 11:37

RSF joins Russian-German forum of research universities

By the invitation of the organizing committee of the Russian-German forum of research universities, the Russian Science Foundation participated in several events of the forum organized on December 2–3 at the National University of Science and Technology MISiS. This is one of the key events of the Russian-German year of scientific and educational partnerships 2018-2020 launched by the initiative of the foreign affairs ministries of the two countries.

Source: DWIH Moskau/Teplyakov

About 300 scientists and experts from Russia and Germany discussed topical issues related to the research development in the universities and academic institutions, as well as the ways to support international research cooperation. In addition, the forum was attended by the Aide to the President of the Russian Federation, Chairman of the RSF Supervisory Board Andrei Fursenko, and by the RSF partners in Germany, the German Research Foundation (DFG) and the Helmholtz Association.

The program of the forum featured meetings of young researchers, including the format of Science Slam - a science communication format where young scientists explain their research projects in short 10-minute-talks in an understandable, entertaining and concise way – that was invented and developed in Germany in 2006 and is popular today in Russia. Some RSF-funded projects were presented at the poster session where participants had the opportunity to demonstrate the results of cooperation with their partners from Russia and Germany.

Source: DWIH Moskau/Teplyakov

“We have already supported more than 70 projects together with our partners in Germany investing more than 600 million rubles. These statistics are boring, the number of project awards is not the key issue here. The key issue is the quality of these projects, they must be truly world-class. It is for them we create the most comfortable, de-bureaucratized funding conditions. We are excited that more than 400 young scientists from both countries are actively engaged in these breakthrough projects,” said Sergei Konovalov, RSF coordinator for international projects on the opening day of the forum.

Source: DWIH Moskau/Teplyakov

The forum participants were greatly interested in the innovative computer-based system for the unbiased distribution of competing proposals to the peer-reviewers, developed and implemented by the RSF on a full scale in a number of recent competitions.

“Committed to continuous improvement of our review system, we welcome an open and trusting dialogue - including specific algorithms used in the artificial intelligence systems - with the research community not only in Russia. We will be pleased to share this unique experience with our funding partners in Germany,” added the representative of the Russian Science Foundation in the course of the panel discussion “Supporting international research projects in Russia and Germany: the role of the universities”.

Source: DWIH Moskau/Teplyakov

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