3 November, 2023 12:28

RSF launches 10 years anniversary campaign

On 2 November 2023, the Russian Science Foundation celebrates 10 years of its origins. In 2013, the Russian parliament passed the legislation initiated by the President Vladimir Putin, creating the RSF as an independent foundation that funds today research in all disciplines of basic sciences as well as applied research in strategic set of cutting-edge technologies.
Credit: RSF Press Office

Russian President Vladimir Putin congratulated the team of the Russian Science Foundation on its 10th anniversary, noting that the Russian Science Foundation has made a significant contribution to the development of promising areas of scientific thought and wished the Foundation success in its systematic work to support the achievements of Russian scientists.

Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin and Valentina Matvienko, Chairman of the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, also sent congratulatory telegrams in honor of the decade of excellence in research and discoveries funding by the Russian Science Foundation.

On Thursday, 2 November 2023, the aims and selected features of the anniversary campaign, were presented by the RSF Director General Alexander Khlunov in Moscow at a special press conference. The press conference was also attended by Sergei Lukyanov, rector of the Pirogov National Research Medical University and the member of the RSF Supervisory Board, Alexander Klimenko, Chairman of the RSF Expert Council for science and technology, Irina Isakova-Sivak, RSF-funded head of the laboratory of the Institute of Experimental Medicine, and Alexander Kravtsov, Director General - Chief Designer of the Research Institute of Molecular Electronics, member of the RSF Expert Council for science and technology. 

Over 10 years of work, the Russian Science Foundation has supported 20,000 projects, in which more than 80,000 researchers participated. The total awards amounted to 220 billion rubles. Funded research also helped the publication of more than 250,000 major articles in the most prestigious scientific journals.

“The main objective that we set for ourselves at the beginning of our incredible journey was to create an effective mechanism for identifying and supporting excellent research projects in order to provide the most comfortable working conditions for researchers in Russia as well as to attract public attention to the achievements and capabilities of Russian researchers. This is what led us to today's results. The system of scientific review is something the Foundation can be pointed with quiet pride. We developed a trustworthy multi-layer review system that is based on the opinion of the individual reviewers as well as on the group of the leading scientists who are the members of our expert councils yearly rotated through open voting by research community,” said Alexander Khlunov.

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“Responsibility to the research community for the grant we received is a strong incentive to improve the quality of research”. Irina Isakova-Sivak, winner of RSF youth group grant in 2017 and RSF laboratory grant in 2021, sees a real opportunity in the Russian Science Foundation. “Thanks to the critical support of the Foundation, we were able to worked productively throughout these ten years. I went from being a performer in several small-scale projects to the manager of a large project, for which I am grateful to the Foundation. I hope that our work in complex vaccine studies will benefit the country and will open new avenues of research.”
The RSF has documented the past 10 years of its history on its anniversary website. Here you can get acquainted with key events in the life of the Russian Science Foundation, the main results out of its funding and personal stories of selected grant holders who made their research dreams come true. In addition, the website will post regularly updated information about anniversary events throughout 2024. The RSF aims to continue to promote the value of independent high-quality research and research funding in the interests of well-informed Russian society.

Now, the RSF heads into its teen years and invites you to learn more about our leadership in scientific discoveries and the development of new technologies. We look forward to the next 10 years of discoveries and exceptional advances that RSF believes will have a large impact or long-term influence on every Russian’s life.

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