1 February, 2024 11:54

RSF-NSFC Cooperation: 4th Call for Proposals

To facilitate the support of collaborative work between Russian and Chinese research groups, the Russian Science Foundation (RSF) and the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) jointly announce their fourth call for proposals for bilateral Joint Research Projects for the funding period 2025-2027 in Mathematical and Physical Sciences, Earth Sciences, Information Sciences, Materials and Engineering sciences.
Credit: RSF Press Office
Joint Research Projects should combine the complementary expertise of the project partners; the project parts should be closely integrated so that one part could not be carried out without the other and there should be substantial scientific input from both sides.

Project applications must be submitted in parallel to RSF (Russian team) and to NSFC (Chinese team) in accordance with each agency’s application guidelines.

Project review will be carried out by the parties independently. Funding will be awarded for the proposals recommended for funding by the experts from both countries.

The size of one RSF grant is from 4 to 7 million Russian rubles per project per year, these research projects are planned for the implementation during 2025-2027.

The proposals should be submitted until 26 April with results announced in November 2024.

Detailed information about the call and the requirements for the participants are presented in the "Funding" section.

Since 2021, 148 joint projects have been funded under the RSF-NSFC cooperation.

According to Nature Index 2023, China is now the Russia's second biggest single-country partner for high-profile collaborative research, after the USA, pushing Germany into third place.


The National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) is the largest basic research funder in China. In 2018, NSFC granted 44,504 awards hosted by over 1500 research institutions, and most of these awards went to individuals or groups of investigators.

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