3 November, 2023 12:21

RSF strengthens joint research efforts with Belarus

The Russian Science Foundation and the Belarusian Republican Foundation for Fundamental Research (BRFFR) announced 21 winners of their second joint call for proposals initiated by youth groups for the funding period 2024-2026 in all research disciplines.
Credit: RSF Press Office

The review of the projects was carried out by both foundations in parallel independently. The teams that were awarded obtained positive assessments from the reviewers in both countries.

For the first time, these joint research projects will allow the most prolific teams of young researchers in Russia to collaborate with their peers in Belarus. The projects will have a duration of three years, with funding on the Russian side amounting to 4-6 million Russian rubles annually for the period of 2024-2026.

Since 2022, 55 jointly organised high-quality research projects were funded under the terms of the RSF-BRFFR cooperation.

Detailed information about the call and the list of winners are presented in the "Funding".

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