12 July, 2023 10:48

RSF to release 794 new grants for early-career researchers

RSF announced the results of three most recent competitions within the ambitious Presidential research funding program. 431 young scientists under the age of 33 will be awarded with grants worth of 1.5-2 million rubles per year; 254 youth research groups will be awarded with annual funding of 3-6 million rubles; 109 projects of youth research groups were granted competitive extension for up to two years.
Credit: RSF Press Office

The “post doc” support program is aimed at supporting young researchers under the age of 33 who have got their PhD, regardless of their academic position and citizenship. According to the rules of the program, the amount of the grant in case of researcher’s relocation to another region increases from 1.5 to 2 million rubles.

The program for youth research groups supports a new generation of research leaders. The funding is allocated for young candidates and doctors of sciences in the age of up to 35 years. The size of one grant ranges from 3 to 6 million rubles annually, its duration is 3 years with the possibility of extension on a competitive basis for another 2 years. The implementation of the project should be aimed at developing the career of young scientists, expanding the horizons of planning their research work, forming new research teams that will be able to become the basis of new scientific departments and laboratories in the future.


The Presidential research funding program was introduced by the Russian Science Foundation in 2017 on behalf of the Russian President Vladimir Putin. Its main tasks are to provide a long-term support for the projects of leading researchers at their early career stage and to create career paths for promising young researchers so that they can build their own independent research teams and pursue their best ideas at the frontiers of knowledge. During the implementation of the program, the RSF has funded more than 6 000 projects.

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