29 October, 2021 12:00

RSF will fund 14 projects co-led by Taiwanese researchers

The Russian Science Foundation and the Ministry of Science and Technology of Taiwan (MOST) have selected 14 winners of their fourth joint call for research projects.
Credit: RSF Press Office

The projects will be aimed at solving specific interdisciplinary research problems associated the following thematic areas: Smart transport and telecommunications; Leading edge healthcare and medicine; Clean energy; Artificial Intelligence; Societal challenges addressed by social sciences.

The review of the projects was carried out by both Russian and Taiwanese parties in parallel independently. The teams that will get funding obtained positive assessments from experts of both parties.

The RSF grant will be from 4 to 7 million Russian rubles annually for the period of 2022–2024.

Since 2016, 32 joint projects were supported under the terms of the RSF-MOST funding program.

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