12 December, 2016 11:45

RSF and DFG share policies and best practices for managing the conflicts of interest

Photo: A. Blinov/RSF

The workshop was chaired by the RSF Director for programs and projects Andrey Blinov and by the Director of the International Bureau DFG Jörn Achterberg, and participants included the specialized staff of both organizations.

The parties reviewed in detail the subjects and objects of a conflict of interest in their organizations, discussed the basic criteria of conflict of interest, the existing guidelines in its regulation as well as, most importantly, the operating practices of implementation of these guidelines when reviewing the project proposals submitted by the grant applicants.

"We are very pleased that we see much of a coincidence for mechanisms to prevent conflict of interest in our organizations and how the 3-stage system of review is operationalised, which will ensure the highest quality review process for the proposals submitted for our new RSF-DFG joint call", Karin Zach, the head of the expert section in physics and mathematics in Scientific Affairs, DFG said.

"It is with a great interest we familiarized with the DFG model of control by the expert committees for the selection of individual reviewers", Andrey Blinov concluded.

The participants agreed that the results of the discussions would contribute to the strengthening of mutual trust in the process of review in the expert sections of RSF and DFG. During 2017 the partners should complete the examination of the bilateral Russian-German project proposals in the field of life sciences and social sciences and humanities, submitted for the second joint call. The applications for this call are accepted until 12 December 2016.

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