13 July, 2017 10:47

RSF announces the first winners of the Presidential research funding program

Source: RSF Press Office
According to the results of the first three competitions within the ambitious Presidential funding program launched in March 2017, 504 young scientists will be awarded with grants worth of 1.5-2 million rubles per year; 239 youth research groups will be awarded with annual funding of 3-5 million rubles; 31 laboratories will be awarded with annual 30 million rubles of RSF grants plus 2 million rubles of co-funding from industrial partner.
The program was developed by the RSF on behalf of the Russian President Vladimir Putin. Its main tasks are to offer a long-term funding prospective for leading scientists and early-career researchers in Russia so that they can build their own research teams and pursue their best ideas at the frontiers of knowledge.
Each of three competitons under this framework has its own target and specifics.
The fourth competition under this framework focused on the infrastructure projects is planned for 2018.
More than 5,000 research proposals from 72 regions of Russia were submitted for the competitions this year. The quality of these proposals waw evaluated by more than 2,500 Russian and foreign reviewers who prepared more than 10,000 individual review reports. This year, Russian Science Foundation allocated 3 billion rubles under the Presidential research funding program.
Through 2017-2023 around 60 billion rubles in additional budget are expected to be made available to the RSF to run these programs.

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