26 February, 2018 18:58

RSF presented its programs to the participants of Russian-German Life Sciences Talk

RSF representatives contributed to the scientific discussion in the Russian-German Life Science Talk. The event was organized on February 21 by the German Embassy in Moscow together with the German House of Science and Innovation (DWIH), Helmholtz Association and big-pharma companies Bayer and Merck.
Photo: Sergey Teplyakov
Photo: Sergey Teplyakov
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Photo: Sergey Teplyakov
Photo: Sergey Teplyakov

More than 200 researchers as well as the representatives of the large pharmaceuticals and biotechnologies companies and small innovative enterprises from Russia and Germany participated in a panel discussion focused on the introductiuon of successful examples of collaborations between researchers and business sector in Russia and Germany, and the development of the new prominent partnerships. One of the speakers was the coordinator of international projects of the Russian Science Foundation, Sergey Konovalov.

The other speakers were Michael Dobis (Embassy of Germany), Magomed Mintsayev (Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation), Elena Eremenko (Helmholtz Association, Germany), Arkady Sinitsyn (Research Center of Biotechnology, RAS), Anastasia Ashirova, Igor Orshansky (Bayer, Germany), Pavel Savkin, Antonina Shuvalova (Merck, Germany), Julia Teplyashova (Biocad, Russia), Fedor Senatov (MISIS University / Biomimetics (Russia)), Igor Tetko (Helmholtz Center in Munich, Germany), Alexander Kuleshov (Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology, Russia), Antonina Lavrenteva (Leibniz University Hannover, Germany), Andreas Hoshen (German Academic Exchange Service, DAAD), Wilma Rethage (German Research Foundation (DFG)), etc.

Sergey Konovalov spoke about the RSF activities to support world-leading research in life sciences, introducing new thoroughly exciting opportunities for early-career scientists, provided by the Presidential research support program, as well as about the existing co-funding programs with German partners (Helmholtz Association and DFG).

"About one third of more than 2,500 RSF-funded projects are related to various aspects of life sciences. In our international collaborations, this particular research area is represented even stronger. For example, 10 out of 20 Russian-German joint projects we are now funding explore research tasks in life sciences", Sergey Konovalov reported.

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