15 March, 2021 14:55

Russian-Indian research proposals invited

RSF starts inviting applications for a public competition to support international research teams. This is the third call for proposals under the framework of cooperation with the Department of Science Technology of the Ministry of Science and Technology of the Republic of India (DST).

Source: RSF Press Office

The proposals are accepted in all research fields except humanities and social sciences.

The project should be aimed at solving specific research problems within seven thematic areas: Smart transport and telecommunications; Smart healthcare and medicine; New Materials; Plant and Animal Bio-Technology; Clean Energy; Artificial Intelligence; Safe Food.

Review of the projects will be carried out both by the RSF and DST independently. Only groups that received positive assessments by reviewers representing both countries can be awarded.

The amount of one RSF grant will be from 4 to 7 million rubles annually in 2022–2024. DST provides parity funding to the Indian team contributing to the joint project.

The applications can be submitted until 15 June with results available to public later in December this year.

Since 2016, in total 36 joint projects have received support under the RSF-DST funding program.

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