13 August, 2014 11:44

Russian Science Foundation supports 38 new laboratories in four priority areas


Russian Science Foundation has announced awardees in the competition for basic research by new laboratories

38 projects will receive funding, according  to the results of the competition process. The projects aim to solve key issues in four specifically determined scientific priority areas: personalized medicine for socially significant human diseases; interdisciplinary scientific research of the Arctic Region; interdisciplinary research to improve human environment; research into human brain and neurosciences.


The competition was open for projects of Russian scientific laboratories, created by joint effort of scientific institutes and institutions of higher education.

Initial term for grant funding is three years, followed by possible extension of the implementation period.

 Annual funding for each project amounts from 10 to 25 million rubles.

More than 400 projects from 58 Russian federal regions took part in the competition.

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