16 February, 2021 14:17

RSF completed interim review and approved funding for 1596 projects in 2021

Although the spread of the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 resulted in review meetings mostly taking in remote mode, the Russian Science Foundation is committed to ensure that funding activities continue as smoothly as possible. In line with its initial plans the RSF completed review of interim scientific reports submitted by the project investigators and approved 2021 funding for 1596 research projects, including those funded under the framework of Presidential research funding program.
Credit: RSF Press Office

In accordance with the grant agreements, the grant recipients submitted to the Foundation scientific and financial reports on the progress of their projects. The reporting materials were reviewed by external reviewers and were discussed by the relevant scientific panels of two RSF Expert Councils.

“Based on the reviews completed, the Expert Council for Research Projects recommended to continue funding for 1,444 projects, 6 projects were recommended for termination due to their poor scientific progress. The Expert Council for Presidential research funding program noted the successful implementation of 181 projects and approved 2021 funding for 152 projects with 29 laboratory projects recognized as completed successfully and one project to be terminated. According to the rules of the Russian Science Foundation, project investigators of the projects that were terminated will be banned for further proposal submissions to the RSF for the period of three years, they can neither review proposals submitted to the RSF”, Andrei Blinov, RSF Deputy Director General commented the outcome.

The research results of the grant holders can be found by the "Project Finder" tool.

The Russian Science Foundation extends its best wishes for a successful outcome of all investigators and participants of the projects supported!

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