16 December, 2019 13:13

RSF to support 8 Russian-German research projects

The Russian Science Foundation and the German Research Foundation (DFG) have announced 8 winners of their 4th joint call for proposals.

The review of the projects was carried out by both Russian and German parties in parallel independently. The teams that will get funding obtained positive assessments from the reviewers in both countries.

The RSF grant will be 6 million Russian rubles annually for the period of 2020–2022.

“Concerning the winners, there are extraordinary studies that are significant for science in the fields of theoretical mathematics, optomechanics, superconductivity, modeling of physical processes, space science, exploration of strategic raw material deposits and the development of high-tech medical devices. We would like the results of these studies not only to expand our knowledge of the world around us, but also to contribute to a better life practically,” commented these results Andrei Blinov, RSF Deputy Director General in charge of international cooperation. “We plan to announce the next joint RSF-DFG call, as usual, in September next year, for projects with funding period of FY 2022-2024”.

Since 2016, 54 joint projects have received support under the RSF-DFG funding program.

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