28 October, 2015 17:13

RSF and SNSF explored the ways of strengthening cooperation


On October 26 the Russian Science Foundation (RSF) hosted the delegation of the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF), headed by the Ambassador, Head of the International Department of the State Secretariat for Education,
Research and Innovation, Switzerland (SERI) Mauro Moruzzi. During the meeting two foundations discussed the issues of strengthening bileteral cooperation and explored the possibilities to implement joint projects. In particular, the RSF and the SNSF are considering the the launch of the joint call of Russian-Swiss research projects for 2017-2019.

Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) supports basic research in all disciplines ranging from history to medicine and engineering. SNSF funds primarily research carried out in Switzerland. SNSF annually allocates some 850 million Swiss francs for the implementation of 3,400 projects, involving 14,000 researchers. The budget is distributed as follows: 25% humanities and social sciences; 38% mathematics, natural and engineering sciences; 37% biology and medicine.

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