1 June, 2018 15:54

RSF joins Russia-Korea Science Day

More than 100 researchers, industry representatives and government officials from Russia and South Korea gathered in Moscow for the two-day workshop  to discuss the current situation and the future of Russian-Korean collaboration in artificial intelligence and aerospace research.

In the opening remarks the high-level representatives from the National Research Foundation of Korea, Russian Academy of Sciences, Russian Ministry of Science and Higher Education and Korean Ministry of Science and ICT highlighted the importance of collaboration between the two countries for further advancements in AI-applications and aerospace industry. The speakers also addressed the issues of public funding for science and technology, opportunities for joint collaborative funding, identifying joint focuses and developments in dual university programmes and degrees.

In the plenary session Sergey Konovalov, the representative of the Russian Science Foundation, presented the RSF experiences of funding cutting-edge research projects in AI and Aerospace, examined existing bilateral programmes, the list of top-performing research organisations in the respective fields and suggested the new opportunities that may be of relevance to the researchers in both Russia and Korea.

“As the premier basic research funder in Russia, we are proud to select and to fund the best projects in Russia in such emerging research topics as AI or Aerospace. Besides the number of research works we fund, the RSF contribution to the quality of research is superior. Thus, 43% of the RSF -funded publications in Aerospace (24% - in AI) are in Top Journal Percentiles”, Sergey Konovalov highlighted.

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