21 December, 2015 17:55

The RSF delegation held working meetings in Vienna

The RSF delegation held working meetings in Vienna

On December 17 there was a meeting with the Executive Vice-President of the Austrian Science Fund (FWF) Mrs. Dorothea Sturn, during which the parties discussed current status of joint research and discussed the possibility of extending financial support to Russian and Austrian research teams. "In collaboration with Austrian scientists more than 500 Russian publications indexed every year in Web of Science and Scopus mainly in the field of physics and astronomy (43%), engineering (9%) and medicine (8%). We are also ready to support Russia's best performing research teams that work together with researchers from Austria, primarily in the areas of life sciences and medicine", - said Yuri Simachev.

"We are very pleased with the establishment of such a promising organization as Russian Science Foundation. It is important that the typical size of RSF grants corresponds to the level of our grants (€100,000 per year) and the system of your expertise meets the world-class standards. At the soonest meeting of our Board we will discuss the proposal on cooperation with RSF and the possibility to announce a pilot call of bottom-up proposals on a broad research areas" - concluded Mrs. Sturn.

The RSF delegation also met with the Director of the Institute for Economic and Innovation Research at Joanneum Research, Wolfgang Polt. During the meeting the officials discussed the priority directions of development of research, ways of improving research performance and the effective performance evaluation of research results, including the context of the programmes and instruments adopted by the Organization for economic cooperation and development (OECD), in which Joanneum Research is actively involved.

In the Vienna Science and Technology Fund (WWTF) its President Thomas Oliva spoke about the unique organization to support research for the needs of the city of Vienna. "80% of our budget is allocated on a competitive basis among organizations located on the territory of Vienna. We co-finance research along with the Austrian Science Fund FWF, the city hall and the business. When evaluating projects we use a separate from the FWF's, our own database of expert reviewers" - said Thomas Oliva. "We would be interested to involve in the review of our projects your best reviewers in urban planning, urban development, smart cities. Moreover, we are currently working out possible schemes of joint work in support of research with the Government of Moscow" - said Yuri Simachev.

The final meeting took place on December 18 at the headquarters of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization, UNIDO. The RSF delegation presented the activities of the Foundation and suggested that UNIDO could become a platform for discussion of important issues for the research funding organizations in different countries.

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