23 January, 2018 13:48

The Russian Science Foundation (RSF) invites proposals from early-career researchers


Call Opening: 23 January 2018

Deadline for Applications: 15 March 2018 (individual grants)/ 22 March 2018 (small team leaders)

Project Duration: 2 (individual grants)/ 3+2 (small team leaders) years

Subject Areas: all fields of fundamental research

Max grant size: 1.5 million rubles (individual grants)/ 5 million rubles (small team leaders) yearly

Conditional relocation/mobility bonus (individual grants): 500 000 rubles.


  1. The applicant should be under 33 (individual grants)/35 (small team leaders) years old.
  2. The applicant should have in the past 5 years at least 3 (individual grants)/5 (small team leaders) publications in Web of Science/Scopus (2/3 - for social sciences and humanities)

It is expected that the results of this call will be available by 30 June with funding available in July 2018.

The RSF funding schemes are open to top researchers from all over the world who wish to carry out a project in a host institution in Russia. The young scientists support program in 2017 resulted in awards for 504 young scientists under the age of 33 and for 239 youth research groups (40,000 - 80,000 euros annually for 3-5 years )

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